Colorado Landscape & Pond Lighting

The landscape ligJobs-005hting division of Waters Edge was developed to provide clients with a well-trained and artistic outdoor lighting contractor in Denver. Don’t let darkness hide the beauty of your home and landscape. Consult with our lighting professionals to show you how a low voltage LED lighting system can enhance the elegance, safety, and security of your home.

Our Lighting Designs Provide:

1. Beauty: By highlighting landscape trees, shrubs, and flowers; water features and garden sculptures; and architectural features of your home.
2. Extended use of outdoor areas: Decks, patios, and other areas become more useful at night with a comfortable level of lighting (as opposed to the glare of typical outdoor lights.)
3. Safety: Walkways, garden paths, steps, and other grade changes can be lighted for the safe movement of your guests.
4. Security: Light is a primary deterrent to possible intruders. Lower-level light allows your eyes to adjust more easily to security issues than the high contrast between the very bright and very dark areas.
We use the highest quality warm-white LED lamps in our fixtures. Good landscape lighting is more than sticking a few spotlights in the ground. Our projects are carefully designed to make your home a nighttime portrait in light. We know light and we are blessed with a great eye for design.

If you have an older lighting system, you have an opportunity to convert from Halogen to LED lamps using your existing fixtures. By replacing your existing landscape lighting system with LED lamps you can save up to 88% in energy costs. Most importantly, your LED lamps will last up to 15 years. Halogen lamps are a thing of the past and costly. Convert your Halogen system to an LED system and save thousands of dollars in energy costs and lighting maintenance.

Waters Edge will design a custom tailored lighting maintenance package for your property. Our main golighting_01_1024al is to ensure the lighting on your property continues to perform as well as it did the day it was installed. Maintenance is performed one to three times per year depending on tree and plant growth and site conditions. Remember, neglected light fixtures can cause fires!
Maintenance checklist:
1. Check transformer connections
2. Change timer batteries
3. Clean debris and insects from fixtures and transformers
4. Straighten path lights
5. Aim and reposition accent lights for best effect
6. Change burnt out lamps
7. Trim dead vegetation around fixtures
8. Clean lenses